Author -Michele Longo

A graduate in Information Systems with a Masters Degree in Engineering and Management, Michele has been writing and speaking publicly about wine for close to twenty years. He has always focused on the “human side” more than on technical aspects of wine, and in the process has gotten to know wine producers all over the world while at the same time becoming a Certified Sommelier and garnering prestigious accolades for his work in the field. Michele is an accomplished wine writer, who is currently co-curator (with Ian D’Agata) of the Italy section in Hugh Johnson’s Wine Pocket Book. With Ian D’Agata he has also co-written the books The Grapes And Wines Of Italy: The definitive compendium region by region as well as its Italian version Vini e Vitigni d’Italia: Un Atlante aggiornato regione per regione (Amazon Press), two up-to-date, scientifically researched but very user-friendly guide to Italy's grapes, wines and most important terroirs. His next book to be published in 2022 is an extremely large volume, detailed, all you ever needed to know book on Barolo (Ian D’Agata & Michele Longo. Barolo: Crus People and Terroir. In press, coming soon in Summer 2022). Michele currently writes for Barolo&Co, a well-known Italian wine magazine, curating the “Territori del Mito” column and also writes for the “Vinosity” section of the Academie du Vin Library. His past titles include being co-editor of Wine-Cult (a wine web-magazine) and of the Wine Educational Board (W.E.B.) where he was in charge of the “W.E.B. Tasting Notes” while collaborating with the Collisioni Festival (Italy’s largest open-air music, literature and wine and food festival), as well as Associate-Director of, a judge at the Decanter World Wine Awards, and co-curator, together with Massimo Comparini, of the Best Italian Wines Guide from the 2013 to the 2017 editions.