Wines of the Week

Wines of the Week: Masseto & Clemens Busch

Tenuta dell’Ornellaia 2004 Masseto Toscana Rosso                            100
Clemens Busch 2018 Marienburg Riesling Spãtlese                             92
by Ian D’Agata

Wines of the Week: Domaine Laroche & L’Ecole No.41

Domaine Laroche 2019 Chablis Les Blanchots Réserve de l’Obédience                     95
L’Ecole No.41 2008 Merlot Columbia Valley                                     91
by Robert Millman and Ian D’Agata

Wines of the Week: Château Lafleur & Icardi

Château Lafleur 1996 Château Lafleur Pomerol                          92
Icardi 2018 Barbaresco Starderi                                                  94
by Ian D’Agata

Wines of the Week: Château le Puy & Ronchi di Cialla

Château le Puy 2011 Marie-Elisa Vin de France                                             96
Ronchi di Cialla 2015 Schioppettino Friuli Colli Orientali Sottozona Cialla               93+
by Ian D’Agata