Vertical Tasting

A Review of Three Vintages of G.B. Burlotto Barolos

The Barolos of G.B. Burlotto have become cult wines or something close to it, with the Monvigliero cru bottling especially a  modern day wine icon, fetching extremely high prices. Editor-in-Chief Ian D’Agata, whose recent book “Barolo Terroir” has won multiple international awards, recently tasted three vintages of the estate’s four cru Barolo wines.
by Ian D’Agata

Vertical Tasting: Philipponnat Champagne Clos Des Goisses 1991-2013

One of the greatest of all Champagnes, Philipponnat’s Clos des Goisses holds many “firsts”. In this exclusive vertical tasting report, Editor-in-Chief Ian D’Agata tasted this famous Prestige Cuvée all the way back to 1991 and thanks also to extensive interviews with Charles Philipponnat, details what makes this fantastic sparkling wine so unique and grand.
by Ian D’Agata

Vertical Tasting: Ronchi di Cialla Verduzzo di Cialla 1983-2005

An excellent but little-known Italian wine, Ronchi di Cialla’s Verduzzo di Cialla is one of the country’s many unsung wine gems made from one of its many native wine grapes. Ian D’Agata has been visiting the Ronchi di Cialla estate regularly since the 1980s, and knows this and the winery’s other wines extremely well: in another first for the TerroirSense Wine Review, we publish an in-depth vertical of the Ronchi di Cialla’s Verduzzo, a wine you won’t find much written on anywhere else. In the article, Ian also addresses the various Verduzzo varieties and subtypes and what characterizes their wines.
by Ian D’Agata