Vertical Tasting

Le Vigne di Eli Vertical Tasting Report: Ten Years of Etna Rosso Pignatuni and Moganazzi – Voltasciara 2008-2018

Etna wines could not be anymore hot these days, but not much is known, and even less is written about, most of the specific contrade (crus) that are the source of the volcano’s best wines. In this report, Editor-in-Chief Ian D’Agata discusses the Pignatuni and Moganazzi-Volta Sciara contrade and the excellent Etna Rosso wines made there by the Le Vigne di Eli estate in these firs ever vertical reports of these wines.
by Ian D’Agata

Vertical: Mure Alsace Sylvaner Cuvee Oscar 1975-2019

In this vertical report, Ian D’Agata details Muré’s iconic Sylvaner Cuvée Oscar, one of Alsace’s best wines and a truly shining example of what the underrated Sylvaner grape is capable of when the product of old vines and the right terroirs.
by Ian D’Agata

Dirler-Cade Riesling Grand Cru Saering vertical 1990-2019

Through Alsace’s outstanding grand crus and grape varieties, Ian looks at the Saering Grand Cru once again. But this time around it’s Riesling’s turn, after first having taken a look at how Muscat Ottonel and Muscat d’Alsace express that specific grand cru’s terroir.
by Ian D’Agata

One of Italy’s Best White Wines: Köfererhof Sylvaner ‘R’ Alto Adige Valle Isarco Vertical 2006-2019

In this vertical tasting report that goes all the way back to the first vintage ever made of Köfererhof’s iconic Sylvaner ‘R” bottling, Ian D’Agata relays the historic importance of this grape variety in the Alto Adige’s Valle Isarco region and Köfererhof’s remarkably pristine and age-worthy Sylvaner ‘R’ ,  one of Italy’s best white wines.
By Ian D’Agata