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Barolo Terroir: Analyzing Two of the Bussia Vineyard District’s Subregions

Ian D’Agata has just sent to press his brand new book: Barolo Terroir: Grapes Crus People Places, co-written with Michele Longo. Out next week, at 500-plus pages and counting it is the most in-depth, most detailed and researched book ever devoted on the topic of Barolo, broaching it as has never been done before. In this exclusive article for TerroirSense Wine Review, Ian extracted a small excerpt from the book on the famous Bussia cru, re-writing it in part for our magazine’s readers.
by Ian D’Agata

Petit Manseng in China: Yet Another Great Grape Success Story

Petit Manseng has been an amazing success story in China, with world class sweet wines made and increasingly classically dry wines as well. While plantings remain small, they are on the rise, and the quality of wine is so high and promising that it appears China has found an new signature grape variety the wines of which it can be proud of.
by Ian D’Agata