Editor-in-Chief Ian D’Agata Latest Book Wins 2022 Gourmand World Book Award


TerroirSense Wine Review is pleased to announce that our Editor-in-Chief, Ian D’Agata has won the 2022 Gourmand World Book Awards, Wine Professionals category (W1-10) for his latest book, The Grapes and Wines of Italy: The Definitive Compendium Region by Region (Amazon Press),  co-written with Michele Longo. The book is 310 pages long and is full of tables, graphs and maps detailing the grapes, wines and terroirs of Italy and is one of the two textbooks used in the courses on Italy’s wines at the TerroirSense Wine Academy, one of China’s premier wine teaching institutions.
The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards are now in their 27th season, a competition organized by Gourmand International, and bestow awards to meritorious books devoted to food Culture and Wine Culture (in 2022, there were 1558 selections from 227 countries, with only  one book per country winning) and are viewed as extremely prestigious.
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