TerroirSense & TasteSpirit Announce the Collaboration with Frescobaldi


TerroirSense Wine Academy, TasteSpirit, the Frescobaldi wine estates and family are pleased to announce a collaboration designed to help talented young wine professionals who are passionate about, and committed to, their craft advance in their chosen career paths.

The top three graduates of the TerroirSense Wine Academy’s Great Terroir Wines Advanced level course on Italian Wines (GTW – 3IT) will have the opportunity to do a stage at one of the many different wineries of the prestigious, world-renowned Italian wine family. Candidates will have to pass the Advanced level’s three-part exam and hold an interview with the Frescobaldi staff to determine their exact level of winery-related knowledge; if deemed suitable by the Frescobaldi team, the candidate will be offered a three-month long learning/study stage at one of the Frescobaldi wineries that will be chosen based on their level of preparation. The chosen candidates will be offered room and board (in the form of a small weekly stipend) for the duration of the three months-long study period. Therefore, these young Chinese wine professionals will have the opportunity to benefit from on the ground learning options directly in Italy at one of the family’s many outstanding wineries.

Ian D’Agata, TerroirSense Wine Academy President and Scientific director, said that “The goal of the TerroirSense Wine Academy is to provide state-of-the-art instruction in world wines to all its meritorious students. Similarly to the students of our Advanced level course on the wines of France and to our students of the Advanced level course on the wines of Burgundy, the students of the Advanced course in Italian wines will benefit from a learning environment not limited to the classroom but to both the restaurant and wine industries. In this respect, after having previously announced our school’s collaboration with the three Michelin star restaurant Da Vittorio in Italy and the two Michelin star da Vittorio Shanghai, I am now not just honoured, but downright elated, to announce a collaboration with one of the world’s leading wine estates, Tuscany’s Frescobaldi. A world leader in the production of high-quality wines, Frescobaldi will provide our course’s best students interested in viticulture and winemaking a first-hand learning experience just as prestigious as that provided by Da Vittorio for our Academy’s students more interested in the hospitality industry. This strategic collaboration is but one more example of our Academy’s commitment to promoting a true culture of terroir amongst wine and food professionals”.


One of the world’s oldest wine families, Frescobaldi is an important florentine noble dynasty that has shaped Tuscany and Italy through its banking and trading heritage, but has also been associated with winemaking for over 600 years (documents dating back to the 1300s show that Berto de’ Frescobaldi willed land to his descendants, including vineyards). Frescobaldi Family Estates, now with the 30th generation of the dynasty,  is owns ninew ine estates in Italy (eight in Tuscany) but has long been associated with the beautiful Castello Nipozzano and the Chianti Rufina denomination and making wine from Tuscany’s local grape varieties. But it was also amongst the first in Italy to experiment with international wine grapes (already in 1855, the Marchese Vittorio degli Albizzi, a Burgundy-born family ancestor, first brought the likes of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Merlot to Tuscany). The Frescobaldi family’s pioneering initiatives do not stop there: in more modern times, the family launched Tenuta Luce, the benchmark Italian-Californian joint venture with Robert Mondavi; in 2000, the family moved out of Tuscany for the first time, acquiring the Attems estate in Friuli Venezia Giulia; then in 2005, it also added Ornellaia and Masseto. But the family’s many interests do not stop at wine, spanning to extra virgin olive oil as well; in fact, Frescobaldi was the driving force in the creation of the Laudemio consortium, when in 1986, following on the heels of the devastating frost that killed most of Tuscany’s olive groves, it brought together into a new association like-minded olive tree growers and olive oil producers, and establishing the rules and regulations of the Laudemio consortium that have since become the standard for high-quality extra virgin olive oil production.

TerroirSense Wine Review, an international wine and food magazine (available in both English and Chinese languages),  and its wine school TerroirSense Wine Academy launched in 2020, aims to offer state of the art courses on the wines of the world as well as very specific academic study tracks, programs devoted specifically to the wines of France, Italy and regions like Burgundy, while creating a new wine tasting model based on a terroir-centric approach. It is the definitive wine school for all wine professionals and wine lovers looking to improve their career options and wine knowledge.

TasteSpirit is China’s leading wine media and education entity, a cultural company one of the fundamental missions of which is the broadcasting and forwarding a culture of terroir in wine and all foodstuffs. Founded in 2010, TasteSpirit has grown over the years and now offers wine and food lovers a Chinese language website with twelve million private users, a terroir product recommendation platform, and over 100 prestigious wine tastings and dinners every year. It also organizes the annual China Wine Summit as well as the Terroir Renaissance International Wine Symposium which both have tremendous influence in the wine industry of China and the world.


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