Becky Wasserman Passed Away at Age 84 on August 20

All her life, Wasserman (founder of her companies, Le Serbet and Becky Wasserman & Co.), is fondly remembered for many qualities, but perhaps first and foremost for having been a tireless promoter of small, often unknown Burgundy wineries (she had been living in Burgundy since 1968) that would in time go on to world fame. She played a major role in awakening US palates to the beauty that is Burgundy wine and helped many little-volume producers find a market in her native country. Many of today’s most famous names in Burgundy -such as, for example, Lafon, Gambal, Mugnier- readily admit to having a debt of gratitude to Wasserman, either because of her friendship and guidance in their formative years or simply because they worked briefly at her company.
Wasserman is survived by her second husband Russel Hone and her sons Peter and Paul.
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