Author -Jacky Rigaux

World-renowned wine writer, French wine critic, researcher of Université de Bourgogne, Jacky Rigaux is one of the most active advocate of the importance of terroir in winemaking. He is also a psychologist and approaches wine as an expression of a historical and cultural context. To underline the importance of the relation between wine and culture, he organizes many summits in France between winemakers and experts: the most important is the annual “Les Rencontres Henri Jayer – Vignerons, Gourmets et Terroirs du Monde”, gathering about 30 vignerons devotee to the philosophy of terroir. He is author of many publications, including “Le Terroir et le Vigneron, Terre en Vues”, “Grands cru de Bourgogne”, “Le réveil des terroirs – Défense et illustration des ‘climats’ de Bourgogne”, “La dégustation géo-sensorielle”.